Property Management for City Break Housing in Liverpool

If you have a property in Liverpool that is suitable for short-term and city break stays, Welcome Accommodation Services wants to hear from you.

We provide beautifully-decorated and appointed homes to people visiting Liverpool for work or leisure, offering them an attractive alternative to a city centre hotel stay. We’re looking for suitable properties we can manage on your behalf, allowing you to make regular, consistent income from them, without the risk of tenants skipping out on their rent.

What Welcome Accommodation Services can do for you

We’re not looking to buy your property, or even manage it in the traditional sense. We want to rent your property on a long-term agreement, decorate to meet our professional standards, and then sublet it to guests who are visiting the area on business trips or as tourists.

All your responsibilities as a landlord are passed over to us – we will handle minor repairs, deal with occupants, then clean and tidy the property after each set of guests leave.

Any refurbishments and upgrades will be paid for by us and undertaken by our own trusted contractors. Once our agreed tenancy period is complete, those upgrades will still be in place, adding value to your property on a long-term basis.

Why choose Welcome Accommodation Services?

The best reason to rent to us, rather than a regular tenant is consistency. You will receive rental payments on time, every month, no questions asked. Our standard tenancy agreement is for five years, which means you don’t have to worry about that property for that length of time. You can sit back, receiving regular, passive income, and watching the amount of your mortgage drop each month, without having to lift a finger.


We’re a safer bet than a domestic tenant. We will be renting as a company under the Tenant and Landlord Act, which means that we can be evicted if a payment is late by more than 10 days. That’s better for you by far than the months of time and effort you would need to expend to evict a non-compliant residential tenant.


With the housing market, job market, and general economy as volatile as it is, few landlords can guarantee that their tenants will be in place five years after signing a contract. Each time a tenant leaves you in the lurch, you will spend months (not to mention money) repairing, redecorating, and advertising for new tenants. Why go through all that, when you can have reliable, professional tenants for a guaranteed five-year stretch?

What happens next?

It all starts with a phone call or email from you to our property team. We’ll take a look at the property and see what it needs in terms of repairs or refurbishment, all of which will be done at our cost, once the contracts are signed. Once we have a feel for the property, we can discuss terms and rent, hopefully reaching an amicable agreement on both. After the paperwork is signed, we will furnish the property to our guests’ expected standards and start accepting visitors immediately. You don’t need to do anything until the tenancy period is up – just sit back and receive our agreed rent on time, every month.

Get in touch

So what are you waiting for? Start making your investment property work for you by letting the team at Welcome Accommodation Services handle the day-to-day headaches. Give us a call today on 07789 300 225 to get the ball rolling.


Aintree, Liverpool, L10